Authors: Chris Fancher, Telannia Norfar
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ISBN: 9781618218650
Pages: 150
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Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom explains how to keep inquiry at the heart of mathematics teaching and helps teachers build students' abilities to be true mathematicians. This book outlines basic teaching strategies, such as questioning and exploration of concepts. It also provides advanced strategies for teachers who are already implementing inquiry-based methods. Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom includes practical advice about strategies the authors have used in their own classrooms, and each chapter features strategies that can be implemented immediately. Teaching in a project-based environment means using great teaching practices. The authors impart strategies that assist teachers in planning standards-based lessons, encouraging wonder and curiosity, providing a safe environment where failure occurs, and giving students opportunities for revision and reflection.

Grades 6–10

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by Valerie Yi
on 6/25/2019
from Leesburg, VA
Ready-to-Use PBL in REAL Math Classrooms
As a high school math teacher in a county promoting the implementation of PBL, this book is a valuable resource. The text addresses common questions & challenges, provides an overview of best practices & suggested resources, and offers options rather than single solutions. PBL in the Math Classroom ties together the best practices that sometimes feel like separate enterprises. As I read the book, it felt like I was talking with a mentor/colleague about the realities of my classroom, rather than an abstract silo of teaching philosophy. Numerous examples (of both small tasks and larger units) include ready-to-use/adapt lessons & materials. Instead of glossing over pacing challenges, the authors provide examples of how they address these challenges and include helpful pacing guides/calendars. Also, I really appreciated how a variety of possible pathways are offered. The text shows how two different teachers tailored a PBL unit to fit their teaching style and their students’ needs. 
by Will Dunn
on 5/16/2019
from Kansas
Practical tools for today's forward-leaning teacher.
Math is a content-heavy field of study, and math teachers can resist instructional complexity in the face of an already (often considered) complex content area. Norfar and Francher offer us this book in response, and through it reveal the many rationales, tools, and examples of how Project-Based Learning does have a natural place in the math classroom. This book is for those teachers, administrators, or parents looking to elevate their instructional practice into a fashion that honors the expectations of today's graduates and respects student thinking and choice-making. I'm sure other math teachers will find it as practical and useful as I have.
by Suzie Boss
on 4/2/2019
from Portland, OR
Convincing Case for PBL + Math
Math teachers are often the most resistant to PBL. They struggle to see how this real-world learning approach could work in their content area. They worry about the time that PBL requires. They express concern that projects won’t include enough practice of procedures for students to develop fluency. With Project-Based Learning in the Math Classroom, veteran educators Chris Fancher and Telannia Norfar address these valid concerns head on. They make a compelling case for making mathematics more meaningful by making the math classroom a place of inquiry. They show that change can start with small steps, such as remodeling word problems into invitations to inquire. They show how effective teaching strategies—the workshop model, fishbowls, gallery walks, and journaling, to name a few—can lead to deeper understanding of math concepts and more student ownership of the learning experience. Detailed project examples will help teachers visualize how to transform their instruction.
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