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Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students: A Handbook for the 21st-Century Classroom makes the case that project-based learning is ideal for the gifted classroom, focusing on student choice, teacher responsibility, and opportunities for differentiation. The book guides teachers to create a project-based learning environment in their own classroom, walking them step-by-step through topics and processes such as linking projects with standards, finding the right structure, and creating a practical classroom environment. Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students also provides helpful examples and reproducible lessons that all teachers can use to get started.

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by SBoswell
on 12/16/2012
from Columbus, OH
Practical Guide
This book guides educators as they implement a project-based learning program in their classrooms.  It begins with background information grounded in research and common practice in working with students who are gifted.  The author recommends ways to design and manage the PBL classroom, providing examples from his own experiences.  As a longtime educator, I appreciated the recognition that every classroom is different and may require a different set up.  The book includes reproducible forms and a selection of sample lessons and projects to get readers started.
by K. Bookhout
on 9/3/2012
from Kansas
Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students
Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students performs the real service of guiding teachers in developing a step-by-step approach to teaching in a 21st-Centruy classroom. The author, Todd Stanly, not only delivers the meaning of project-based learning and why we should use it, but carries through with examples of lessons the students can choose from and shows how to empower them to create their own rubrics. Teachers should make the most of every minute in their classroom by keeping this book close at hand!
by SFuentes
on 8/21/2012
I found this book to be extremely helpful in developing my gifted program utilizing project based learning. It's one that I will refer back to often! 
by K. Branson
on 7/28/2012
from Reynoldsburg, OH
Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students
Todd Stanley’s book provides a plethora of information and resources for the teacher interested in implementing project based learning in the classroom.  This book contains clear definitions and explanations, support for why this type of learning is so valuable, detailed unit ideas including examples for day-by-day breakdown of the plans, blank templates, and more!  I especially love how all content areas are addressed- even math!  While project based learning is beneficial for all learners, this book specifically offers additional support for how to use with gifted students.  A great resource for any teacher to own!
by 1tjtmj
on 4/28/2012
Good for All Teachers
Todd Stanley in his book, Project-Based Learning for Gifted Students: A Handbook for the 21st Century Classroom, provides us with the tools necessary to transform our classrooms. The teacher, instead of functioning as the purveyor of knowledge, becomes the coach, guiding the students towards mastery. The students determine specifically how and when learning occurs. They choose the kind of project and the project timeline. They create a rubric to evaluate the project and complete a contract, specifying the exact state standards to be learned. Thus the students become responsible and accountable for the education they receive. This book could easily be adapted and used by all classroom teachers.

Because Mr. Stanley recognizes that project-based learning may differ from how we usually "do school," he carefully describes each component of the process. He provides examples of calendars used to discuss backwards building with those gifted students who have difficulty with time management.
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