Prepare Students (and Yourself) for Back-to-School Success
Prepare Students (and Yourself) for Back-to-School Success
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler

Educators and parents have been preparing for the beginning of the new school year all summer, but it’s almost impossible to fully anticipate every detail of such a hectic time. Although nobody really needs to be reminded to shop for back-to-school supplies or to actually register for the year, some broader ideas slip our minds from time to time. Kids often struggle with the transition from the less structured days of summer to listening and learning attentively all day, and may need some gentle reinforcement about tough topics, such as respect, paying attention, and staying organized. Here are some great ways to remind students of these important values for the upcoming year:

  • Talk about personal space. Some kids do understand the general concept of giving adequate room to people they talk to and hang out with, but that can be a harder idea to grasp for many others. Teach students about the appropriate ways to interact with their peers by setting boundaries and encouraging them to consider how other people feel.
  • Motivate them to pay attention. Giving clear directions, setting goals, and recognizing limits are important steps in increasing the chances that a student will pay attention to what he or she is being taught or needs to complete after school. Simply expecting students to listen and understand new content disregards their personal learning styles and needs.
  • Encourage them to do their homework. It’s hard to want to work on assignments after being at school all day, so encourage your students to take a brief mind break, perhaps for an afterschool snack, before getting their work done. Remind students to use their own words and show their work when completing homework.
  • Keep organized. Once school starts up again, houses and classrooms always seems to become more prone to disaster. Set up specific drawers and areas for all of the supplies and papers students collect, and designate a day of the week for cleanup. This will help prevent them from feeling too overwhelmed and can help them stay on top of their responsibilities.