Places to Publish for Gifted Young Writers
Places to Publish for Gifted Young Writers
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by Carol Fertig

Gifted students need real audiences for their work. Those students who enjoy writing need places where they can see their words in print and find others who have the same interest.
Figment is a place where young people, ages 13 and up, share their writing, connect with other people with similar interests, and discover new stories and authors. The website was started by Dana Goodyear, a staff writer at The New Yorker, and Jacob Lewis, the former Managing Editor at The New Yorker and Condé Nast Portfolio. It contains a variety of sections that will be of interest to young authors, including:
  • a place where they can post their writing and get feedback in the form of comments and reviews.
  • writing contests;
  • advice from adults who publish young adult books;
  • recommendations of recently published books for young adults;
  • a forum where students can connect on a variety of subjects related to their writing; and
  • a blog which, among other things, contains interviews with published authors of books for young adults.
If your young writer is more independent, suggest that he submit his writing for publication without the feedback and interaction of a group. A Young Authors Guide from provides updated lists of publications that accept submissions from young people, some from children as young as age 8. It also contains a long list of writing contests, listed by month.

You can also check out Creative Kids magazine, our publication that is written by kids for kids.

This blog post initially appeared on the Gifted Child Info Blog on January 14, 2011.