Exciting Philosophy Resources for Teaching Today’s Teens
Exciting Philosophy Resources for Teaching Today’s Teens
PUBLISHED: Monday, September 14, 2020 by Andilynn Feddeler

Philosophical debates and understanding others’ perspectives are essential in developing students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills. Inspire animated discussions of questions that concern teens—and all of us—with these innovative, interactive books.

  • Take a Stand!: Classroom Activities That Explore Philosophical Arguments That Matter to Teens helps teens develop critical thinking skills by examining debates on issues directly relevant to their lives (that you won’t find in most classroom materials). Each chapter shows how each issue might arise in an ordinary teen conversation, presents and explores two or more opposed answers to philosophical debates, and encourages high school students to develop their own positions while learning to appreciate other perspectives.

  • Philosophy for Kids Set offers young people the opportunity to become acquainted with the wonders of philosophy. Packed with exciting activities arranged around the topics of values, knowledge, reality, critical thinking, and more, these books can be used individually or by the whole class. Each activity allows students to increase their understanding of philosophical concepts and issues and enjoy themselves at the same time. This set includes Philosophy for Kids and The Examined Life

  • Philosophy for Teens Set offers an in-depth, teenager-friendly look at the philosophy behind everyday issues. The authors examine some of life’s biggest topics, such as lying, cheating, love, beauty, the role of government, hate, and prejudice, in these casual and engaging books, written directly for and field-tested with teenagers. Both sides of the debate are covered on every issue, with information from some of the world’s most noted philosophers included in a conversational style that teenagers will love. This set includes Philosophy for Teens and More Philosophy for Teens