Author: James R. Delisle, Ph.D.
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A gifted education Legacy Award winner, Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children provides a humorous, engaging, and encouraging look at raising gifted children today. James R. Delisle, Ph.D., offers practical, down-to-earth advice that will cause parents to reexamine the ways they perceive and relate to their children.

Dr. Delisle puts forward 10 tips to parents of gifted children—ideas that reflect attitude and approach and allow for introspection and change, rather than quick, do-it-tonight solutions. Some topics of interest include understanding a child’s giftedness, working with the school system, dealing with perfectionism in gifted kids, and being adult role models for children. Along the way, stories from gifted children and their parents provide insight into the lives of these individuals.

What sets this book apart from other books for parents of gifted kids is its expansion beyond mere platitudes. Dr. Delisle’s tips go beyond the basics, focusing on attitude, reflection, and subtle changes, rather than specific, cookie-cutter recipes for action. The 10 tips suggested and expanded upon in this book include:
  • understanding what giftedness is . . . and what it is not;
  • understanding the differences between gifted kids and their agemates;
  • understanding the personality traits of gifted kids, including overexcitabilities;
  • taking charge of your child’s education;
  • understanding the issue of perfectionism in gifted kids;
  • examining social nuances and myths related to giftedness;
  • examining the similarities parents share with their gifted children;
  • setting reasonable goals;
  • helping gifted children make a difference in the lives of others; and
  • remembering that gifted children are kids first and gifted second.

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by Renee Brown
on 4/18/2014
from United States
Understaning Help for Parents!
James Delisle has written a book that not only helps parents understand their gifted children, but offers practical advice for how to work with their child. 

He does a great job explaining what gifted is and is not, in terms of education and psychological terms. He also gives insight into over excitabilities, OE's that are present in gifted children. He puts OE's into easy to understand language and shares examples of how they are present in the lives of gifted children.

It is these examples that truly put into perspective the way a gifted child's mind works. He helps parents to realize that gifted children simply think, process and interact with their surroundings in a more vivid way than those who are typical learners. 

The thoughtful quotes from children at the end of each chapter are just one more way that James Delisle helps you to understand the way a gifted mind works.

Overall, as the parent of a gifted child, I think this book is an excellent, go to, resource for parents. 
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Review: Davidson Center for Talent Development - June 18, 2006
While parenting in general is chock-full of pitfalls and second guessing, parenting gifted kids can be even more exhausting and mystifying, as they are indeed exceptional, and public sympathy for these parents’ plight is even less encouraging. In this book, however, Dr. Delisle gives parents tools and strategies for understanding their children’s overexcitabilities, building meaning in their lives and working with the school systems that fail them.
Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - May 17, 2006
Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children by James R. Delisle (Professor of Gifted Education at Kent State University) is an informative and “parent friendly” reference for enabling a truly gifted child to expressively and productively achieve their life goals, develop sound character, and generally enjoy their life. Examining overly excitable children, the type of gift granted to each child, working with the school system, dealing with perfectionist children, being a positive role model, building a child’s character, and helping kids achieve their set goals and dreams, Parenting Gifted Kids is very highly recommended reading, especially to all new parents of a gifted child.

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