Authors: David Yun Dai, Ph.D., Fei Chen
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ISBN: 9781618210937
Pages: 296
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This book highlights how to conduct research in gifted education when researchers have to choose from myriad theoretical ideas, hypotheses, claims, practical models, and strategies. It shows researchers how to build clarity, rigor, and relevance into a research agenda that combats fragmentation and contributes to enhanced theoretical and practical endeavors in the field. Specifically, Paradigms of Gifted Education advocates a paradigmatic approach to conducting research in gifted education and shows how it can be done every step of the way by specifying the essential questions of What?, Why?, Who?, and How? in a coherent manner, and by selecting methods that are appropriate for the question asked and the phase of the research efforts. To facilitate the development of a research agenda, the book identifies three major paradigms of gifted education and 20 essential research questions that would help move the field forward.


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by Lisa Van Gemert
on 5/16/2014
from United States
A Valuable Resource
This thought-provoking resource begins by laying out a framework of what gifted education is and its historical roots.  From there, the concept of gifted education is broken down into three paradigms: The gifted child paradigm, the talent development paradigm, and the differentiation paradigm.  Within these paradigms, twenty separate research questions pertaining what it means to be gifted, who should be identified, how to provide services, and why services should be provided based on outcome goals are discussed.  These twenty questions were meant to help propel the field of gifted education forward into more disciplined and systematic research.  While substantial background information is given regarding each question, the questions are left unanswered and provide the reader with direction as to where the field needs to go to continue to develop.  
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Review: Gifted Child Today - June 21, 2015
Advocating a paradigmatic approach to inquiry in the field, authors David Yun Dai and Fei Chen focus on consistent and coherent methodology in their new book Paradigms of Gifted Education: A Guide to Theory-Based, Practice-Focused Research.
Review by: Kristofer Wiley, Roeper Review - September 1, 2014
The language, rigor, and stated purpose of this text recommend its use by researchers and theoreticians as they move toward more explicit empirical investigation of the field of gifted education. In addition, educators and administrators who are willing to engage the highly technical writing would benefit from the comprehensive, research-based history of the field as a context for making immediate programmatic decisions in service to students identified as gifted.

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