Author: Gail R. Ryser, Ph.D.
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Ages: 5–14

Testing Time: 30–40 minutes

Administration: Groups

The Profile of Creative Abilities (PCA) is an exciting new measure for identifying exceptional creative ability in students ages 5–14. The PCA offers many new scoring benefits, including:
  • easy, fast scoring procedures;
  • easy group and individual administration by school personnel; and
  • extensive statistical and research support.
The PCA also includes school and home rating scales that provide the examiner with additional information about a student’s creative behaviors. Student results are presented in an easy-to-understand manner for communication with parents.

General Description
The PCA is an effective tool for identifying students, ages 5–14, who are gifted with exceptional creative ability. The PCA’s two subtests, Drawing and Categories, are easy to score and are combined to form a Creativity Index. The Drawing subtest can be administered in groups and is typically completed in less than 30 minutes. Although the Categories subtest must be individually administered, administration time only takes about 10 minutes. The PCA also includes school and home rating scales that provide the examiner with additional information about a student’s creative behaviors. The PCA has extensive statistical and research support and was normed on a national sample of 640 students. Schools that want to include a more diverse group of students in its gifted programs should consider using the PCA as part of its comprehensive approach to identifying gifted children.

Technical Description
The PCA is a measure of creative ability. It is specifically designed to (1) identify students gifted in the area of creative thinking, (2) monitor progress in classes of creative thinking, and (3) serve as a research tool. It was normed on a sample of 640 individuals in 11 states: Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This reliable test is efficient and cost-effective. It takes under an hour (approximately 30–40 minutes) to administer. Students between the ages of 5–10 and 11–14 may be tested individually or in small groups.

The PCA includes three subtests and rating scales.
  1. Drawing—While this subtest is not timed, students are encouraged to complete it in 30 minutes or less. The Drawing subtest consists of eight incomplete figures from which the student is to draw an original, detailed picture. The subtest is scored based on four creative abilities: number of elements, originality, orientation, and perspective. This subtest may be administered in groups or individually.
  2. Categories—This subtest is composed of two 4 by 5 matrices of 20 animal pictures and figures. Students are to name as many categories in 3 minutes as possible. The subtest is scored on two creative abilities: fluency and flexibility. Fluency is the number of responses made by the student. Flexibility is the number of categories into which the student groups the pictures or figures. While this subtest must be administered individually, administration time is approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Home and School Rating Scales—The rating scales consist of 36 items and are scored using a 4-point Likert scale based on the degree to which the child exhibits creative behaviors. The rating scales can be completed by an educator (School Rating Scale) or by a parent/guardian (Home Rating Scale).

The PCA Complete Kit Includes:

  • Examiner's Manual
  • Home Rating Scale
  • Student Form
  • School Rating Scale
  • Summary and Scoring Form<
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