Opportunities for Learning in the Digital Age
Opportunities for Learning in the Digital Age
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, March 07, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler

Parents and teachers often find the impending takeover of the digital age threatening to their students’ success and learning. Although the constant rise of video games and social media can be distracting in the classroom, it’s also important to recognize the possibilities associated with embracing new technologies and their applications in the real world. Classes and organizations centered around coding and robotics have gained popularity over the past few years, initially as a trend, but now as a way to personalize learning and cater to the “demands of a global workforce” in the 21st century. Afterschool programs where students can learn how to develop websites, games, and products are in full force, and kids everywhere have been gaining skills in collaborative learning through technology.

Rather than fighting against the normalization of computers and media in the classroom, we might find value in embracing the abilities students have discovered within themselves because of it. Programming skills have been “proven to bolster problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking" in classrooms and in day-to-day situations. With online learning becoming the norm, and kids constantly consuming mass media and digital culture, it could be helpful for worried parents and teachers to find opportunity in the madness. By letting kids become creators, instead of just consumers, we open a door to the possibilities and talents of students who might not have been able to explore themselves as successfully otherwise.

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