Online Resources for Engaging Struggling Readers
Online Resources for Engaging Struggling Readers
PUBLISHED: Friday, July 27, 2012 by Lacy Compton

For many kids, a big chunk of their summer fun time is devoted to summer reading—for relaxation, for challenge, or even for school. For some readers, however, summer reading is made even harder by their struggles with dyslexia, reading comprehension, and various visual or auditory processing difficulties. Parents can help their struggling readers this summer with a variety of online resources:

  • The Reading Rockets website has tons of articles and resources for parents to check out in their quest to help their struggling readers succeed.
  • The Schneider Family Book Award is given to books that embody “an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences.” In addition, Bob Seney of 2E Newsletter reviews books written for children that feature students with disabilities. Parents can employ bibliotherapy techniques in using these titles to reach their children with disabilities.
  • Audiobooks allow kids to listen to proper pronunciation of words and maintain their engagement as they read a text. Two great options for audiobooks are Learning Ally (which offers a large library of free audiobooks) and Storyline Online (where celebrities read favorite picture books)
  • Teachers’ blogs often provide creative ideas that parents can implement at home. The Funky First Grade Fun blog shares its author’s ideas and provides links to several other bloggers’ suggestions at the end.

We hope these resources help you reach your struggling readers!