NatGeo Found: National Geographic's Photo Archive
NatGeo Found: National Geographic's Photo Archive
PUBLISHED: Friday, September 20, 2013 by Rachel Taliaferro

Growing up with very strict television and Internet restrictions, I usually had to rely on books and my own imagination for fun ways to pass the time. Luckily for me, my parents have always been staunch archivists, and their house is full of decades-old books, photographs, and magazines that they've collected throughout their lives. Most of those things got slowly packed up and stored away while I was a teenager, but their stacks upon stacks of National Geographic magazines dating back to the early 1970s are still filling up an upstairs closet for me to rummage through during visits home.

Flipping through those magazines when I was younger offered an experience that was both educational and escapist. Whether I was using them to do research for a school project or to just take in the stunning photography, I always appreciated National Geographic for its artistic and documentarian aesthetic.

NatGeo FoundNational Geographic 's blog, is a carefully curated collection of some of the magazine's best archival photos from around the world, many of which were never published. Updated daily, the blog is a wonderful way to supplement history lessons with photographs that both illustrate the major events of a given time period and capture what the daily lives of ordinary people were like. The photos collected under the 1950s and the 1960s tags, for example, would be excellent to use with our upcoming Exploring America history units: Exploring America in the 1950s : Beneath the Formica and Exploring America in the 1960s: Our Voices Will Be Heard.

Photograph by Willard Culver, National Geographic