NPR Weeklong Series on Prodigies Starts Today
NPR Weeklong Series on Prodigies Starts Today
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 by Lacy Compton

This week, NPR's Morning Edition will take a look at prodigies, those who excel at an early age in a specific discipline. Today's story, "Don't Call This 12-Year-Old Concert Pianist a Prodigy," was an engaging, honest interview with Emily Bear, a young pianist who admits to disliking the word "prodigy" to describe her talents in music. 

Hearing both Emily's experiences and those of her mother (who admits to denying her daughter's talent a little at first until she finally realized Emily was above and beyond her peers) reminded me a bit of the idea of being organic in one's creativity, of having an intuitive desire to follow one's need to create. (See our upcoming book, Organic Creativity in the Classroom, for more on this idea.) 

Plus, Emily just makes beautiful music--her own compositions are featured throughout the story and she writes Morning Edition anchor David Greene a lovely impromptu song at the end of the story. That alone is worth a listen! 

Stay tuned this week, or check the website frequently, to hear other installments in what's sure to be a fascinating series.