Author: Mark A. Bohland
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A serious illness is sweeping through town. Why are people getting sick? What is the source of this disease? With this problem-based learning unit, students become public health workers as they track down the source of a mysterious illness. Working in teams to solve the real-world problem and present their findings, they experience genuine, higher order learning. Decisions they make affect the outcome of the simulation.

The activities combine science, social studies, math, research, thinking, cooperation, and speech skills in one great unit. This guide includes everything you need—teacher's directions and student information in the form of memos and medical reports.This open-ended scenario will draw students into a real-life drama.

Allow your students to solve more real-life problems in Crime Scene Detective, Detective Club, Mystery Science, and The Great Chocolate Caper.

Grades 5–8


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by Kirsten
on 10/17/2015
from Utah
Perfect challenge
I have used this unit for years with my fifth and sixth grade gutted/talented students.  They absolutely love it!!!!  The teacher must print off a fact sheet about ecoli, and I help the students put together a map of the buildings and physical features and sites involved.  We talk about water--ground seepage, watering of crops and animals, public water source contamination.  I share actual cases if water and meat contamination with them--including the big McDonalds nightmare.  They LOVE being the scientists!!
by Molly
on 12/4/2014
from Barro Alaska
mystery desies
this book was not one of my favorite books because it wad too much of a challangeg for my students,it made my students not like science as much, it also made them feel dumb.the only thing that was good about this book is that is was easy to read.
by Ginny Ready
on 3/7/2013
from Severna Park, MD
Middle School Science Teacher
I have used Mystery Disease with my 7th graders for 4 years now and have had excellent results.  My students are challenged by the "problem" but not overwhelmed by it.  In order to arrive at a solution, students must evaluate, analyze, research, synthesize, consider different points of view and more.
In addition, everything I need to facilitate my students' learning is here!

I use the Mystery River problem with my 8th graders and think that it, too, is excellent!  My only complaint is that Mark Bohland has not written more of these accesible, yet challenging, problem-based learning units.
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