More Ways to Use Twitter in Gifted Education
More Ways to Use Twitter in Gifted Education
PUBLISHED: Monday, July 30, 2012 by Lacy Compton

In May, we featured a blog about how advocates for gifted education can use Twitter to find support and information. Since that blog, two new resources for using Twitter with gifted education have popped up.

First, The Complete Parent’s List of Education Hashtags on Twitter provides a helpful list of the more than 30 different hashtags parents and educators can search for to help them stay up to date on educational topics. Divided into specific topic areas, these hashtags are sure to be a boost to your Twitter experience.

Second, the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented began sponsoring the popular GTChat this spring. One of the additions to the chat the organization has added is the opportunity to vote on the topics to be discussed each week on its homepage. For example, this week’s choices include “How Gifted Programs Have Changed in a Generation” and “Dealing With Feelings of Isolation.” There’s no better way to make sure your thoughts are heard on Twitter than to help select the overarching topic of discussion.

If you’ve discovered any other great ways to use Twitter with gifted education, please let us know—we’re always on the lookout for good ideas to help our customers connect!