Practicing Mindfulness and Empathy in Stressful Times
Practicing Mindfulness and Empathy in Stressful Times
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 by Andilynn Feddeler

In stressful times, practicing mindfulness and empathy can help to restore some balance and order. Kids and adults can benefit from developing social-emotional skills like self-awareness and empathy, and with the exercises and lessons in these books, we can all help build a more compassionate world.

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom: Mindful Principles for Social and Emotional Learning introduces eight mindful principles that support social and emotional learning for teachers and students in today’s schools, leading to increased empathy, kindness, self-awareness, integrity, self-control, and honesty. Larger implications for schools and society are also discussed, including a call to use these principles to teach the whole child. 

  • Teaching Empathy: Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Students uses relevant research and ideas to show teachers how to create an environment of empathy and understanding for 21st-century students. The book discusses cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy, as well as emotional intelligence and considers the long-term global impact of cultivating empathy in students.

  • Being You: A Girl’s Guide to Mindfulness (ages 14–16) explores mindfulness as a simple but powerful way to center oneself and tap into one’s own inner wisdom and strength. This book is packed with 52 different activities on mindfulness, gratitude, compassion, and self-acceptance, and includes a wide range of practices and perspectives.

  • The Caring Child: Raising Empathetic and Emotionally Intelligent Children pulls together the latest research from positive psychology to provide parents specific tools to help their children develop healthy empathy and emotional intelligence. Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, the book uses a combination of evidence-based strategies, real-world examples, and role-playing scenarios to provide parents with the tools needed to develop these important skills. 

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