Maryland Considers New Standards for Gifted and Talented Education
Maryland Considers New Standards for Gifted and Talented Education
PUBLISHED: Monday, February 27, 2012 by Lacy Compton

Students and schools in Maryland may be facing new regulations for the identification of and service to gifted and talented students, a recent Washington Post article reports. State officials said the regulations (which go up for vote tomorrow) aim to provide minimum standards for developing and implementing gifted and talented programs across the state.

The proposed guidelines standardize issues such as identification of gifted students, program development, professional development and training, and reporting requirements including the requirement for local schools to share their timelines for measuring progress and their goals for advanced students.

Various groups across the state are weighing in on the new proposal, as the article reports, with some worried that the standards would identify children too early. A Baltimore Sun editorial on the topic reports that Maryland currently has no formal regulations for the service of gifted students in grades K–12 and argues for the proposal to be passed.

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