March Madness + Math = Fun Lessons for the Classroom
March Madness + Math = Fun Lessons for the Classroom
PUBLISHED: Monday, March 17, 2014 by Lacy Compton

With March Madness kicking off after last night's NCAA bracket selections, teachers can use the popular sporting event as a way to fuel some fun math madness in the classroom. First, get your students excited about the prospect of a winning combination by sharing this story from NPR of young mathematicians who tried to figure out if they could use math to create the perfect final bracket. Then, check online tomorrow to see one math professor's secrets to picking the winners. Finally, try out some of these fun math lessons incorporating March Madness in your classroom:

  • Yummy Math offers a March Madness lesson that can be downloaded in multiple formats on its site. Although it's from 2013, it's easy to modify for this year's contest.
  • This Weebly Math Pages site has links to several NCAA resources for March Madness and ideas for lessons to incorporate in your classroom.
  • Education World also offers links to several lessons on this topic on its site.