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Organized into an easy-to-follow, month-by-month plan for implementation, this book provides field-tested and research-based knowledge that will serve educators as they create and maintain a meaningful Makerspace. Although science, technology, engineering, arts, and math have made huge gains in the past decade, STEAM jobs are not being filled at the rate they are being created or needed. Makerspaces in School promotes innovative thinking in students that fills this need. Through Makerspaces, project-based learning provides opportunities for credible, legitimate, and authentic growth and development. This book will allow any educator to walk away with a plan to create a Makerspace in his or her classroom or a school- or districtwide model that works for many. Makerspaces are very fluid places—each is unique in its own way!

2020 Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development Winner


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by Kelly Bray
on 7/6/2018
from TX
Makerspaces in School
Having first hand knowledge of the author and the way she has made Makerspace work in our school, I can testify that this book is authentic and can guide the novice teacher to create a successful Makerspace in their classroom or even school-wide.  The book is laid out to where the reader will not become overwhelmed and offers many practical ideas that can be implemented small or large scale.  The book is written by a teacher that has been in the trenches and is honest about what is a realistic idea of a making Makerspace work with what you have on hand or things that are easily accessible.  The set-up of the book makes it an easy read that you can take month by month.  Lacy has a passion for making education fun through innovative thinking.  If you want to see your students get excited about learning, Makerspace will become your students favorite part of their day.  
by Margaret Kent
on 6/25/2018
from Texas
Makerspaces In School
As a primary teacher in a Title I School District, many of our students come from homes with social and economic drawbacks. As an educator, it is my job to insure all my students are given chances to succeed by given them opportunities for achievement in the classroom.  One tool that I can use to accomplish this goal is to implement makerspace into my primary classroom this school year.
Any school district with a vision for their students would benefit from using the schoolwide or districtwide model explained in the book, Makerspaces in School. Implementing makerspaces on campus would be an asset to any school district from kindergarten through high school.
After reading, I found Makerspaces in School has a treasure of information on how to launch makerspace.  The book really stresses the importance of STEAM Based Learning (science, technology, engineering, art and math). It motivates students to think, try, problem solve, question, test, fail in a safe environment, reflect and redesign, plan, learn, create, use team work, invent and collaborate through the use of hands-on activities.  It also allows for communication/collaboration with peers in a safe and secure environment.    
Makerspaces in School is full of technology integrated ideas.  The ideas are field-tested and research-based knowledge.  STEAM jobs are our students’ future, as educators, let’s make sure that our students are ready to fill those jobs.  Teach our students to believe in themselves and once this happens their future will be bright… this can be accomplished through makerspaces. 
Makerspaces in School is a well written book.  The book covers ALL the components needed to insure makerspace is successful whether using the classroom model, schoolwide model or district model.   
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Review by: Diane Donovan, Donovan's Literary Services - September 24, 2018
Makerspaces in School provides tools for educators who want to create such spaces in a classroom or school, emphasizing how each space can be different depending on physical space, educational perspectives, and approaches.
Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - September 20, 2018

Thoroughly 'user friendly' in tone, commentary, organization and presentation, Makerspaces in School is unreservedly recommended for school district, college, and university library Teacher Education instructional reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.


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