Author: Bonnie L. Risby
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This classic series will excite students' imaginations while enriching skills in logical thinking. Logic Countdown problems are easy to incorporate into lesson plans and are formatted to enhance the fullest spectrum of curriculum areas while sharpening thinking skills. Challenging and instructional, these thought-provoking books present sequential exercises in logical reasoning that include relationships, analogies, syllogisms, sequences, deductive reasoning, inference, truth-values, and logical notation. Simple grids coupled with intriguing problems evoke enthusiasm and inspire students to higher and higher levels of thinking. Each book builds on concepts presented previously in the series to offer a comprehensive logic adventure for young thinkers.

The skills students build by using this book are applicable to several areas of the curriculum. Academic skills used for reading, math, writing, and science all depend on the ability to perceive and define relationships and to form inferences. But, beyond the academic world, students will find logical thinking an integral part of everyday life.

This is the first in a three-book series designed to sharpen children's logical thinking skills. Once students master the skills presented in this book, they will be ready for new challenges in Logic Liftoff and Orbiting with Logic.

Grades 3–4


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by Cindy
on 4/29/2014
from Kentucky
Perfect for Homeschoolers!
Logic and critical thinking are important subjects that we always add to our homeschool schedule.  This book is quick and easy to use for the parent, as well as fun and challenging for 3rd and 4th graders.  I especially like the vast variety of logic skills practiced, including analogies, syllogisms, inference, truth-values, deduction, matrix puzzles and more!  My children beg for logic like the pages found in this book!  

Once your finished with this book, you might like Logic Liftoff (4th-6th) and Orbiting with Logic (5th-7th.)  They build on the skills learned in Logic Countdown.
by Donna
on 1/27/2012
from Memphis
My daughter loves these
We've been working through PP logic books, starting with Primarily logic, and moving on to this series. My daughter enjoys the challenge and "conquering" the questions. I expect us to be continuing in this path for quite some time!

by Stacy Hughes
on 1/27/2012
from Burleson, Tx
Logic Countdown
"Fill in what you know, eliminate what you can, then go back and do it again!" It's the phrase my students first memorize when beginning Logic Countdown problems.  This book is the training tool that teaches this skill, and it transfers across the curriculum.  Students quickly learn that word problems and critical reading passages can be dealt with the same way.  They no longer try to find an answer the first time through, but realize this "fill in what you know" strategy gets the answer quicker than they ever imagined.  AND, it's fun!
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Review by: Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews - January 1, 2009
Blast Off with Logic is a series of three books that build upon one another at increasing levels of difficulty. Logic Countdown, written for grades 3–4, introduces relationships, analogies, sequencing, "all" and "no" statements, syllogisms, if-then statements, deduction, and making inferences. Logic Liftoff for grades 4–6 reviews and expands all of these topics, continues into deeper logical reasoning, and introduces logical notation. Orbiting with Logic for grades 5–7 builds on the previous two books, expands logical notation, and adds logic diagrams and logical fallacies. While it is possible to use any one of the books alone, they really work best as a sort of continuous course . . . Most of us parents will find many of the lessons new and challenging, so we should tackle them right along with our children to improve our own thinking skills.

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