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Parenting Gifted Children 101 Wins Legacy Award
PUBLISHED: Thursday, October 12, 2017

Parenting Gifted Children 101

AUSTIN, Texas—Prufrock Press’s Parenting Gifted Children 101: An Introduction to Gifted Kids and Their Needs has received a prestigious 2017 Legacy Book Award. The book, by Tracy Ford Inman, Ed.D., and Jana Kirchner, Ph.D., explores the basics of parenting gifted children, truly giving parents the “introductory course” they need to better understand and help their gifted child.

The Legacy award recognizes outstanding books published in the United States that have long-term potential for positively influencing the lives of gifted children. The Legacy Book Awards are given each year by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented, the largest state advocacy group of its kind.

Topics featured in this lively, practical book include myths about gifted children, characteristics of the gifted, the hows and whys of advocacy, social and emotional issues and needs, strategies for partnering with a child’s school, and more. Parenting Gifted Children 101 explores ways for parents to help their child at home and maximize their child’s educational experience with strategies that are based on research, but easy to implement. Each chapter—from parenting twice-exceptional students to navigating the possible challenges that school may hold for children—contains resources for further reading and insights from more than 50 parents and educators of gifted children.

For more information about the Legacy Book Awards, visit the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented website.

For more information about Prufrock Press or to view sample pages and chapters from all of its award-winning books, please visit Prufrock Press’s website.


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