Authors: Cecelia Boswell, Ed.D., JJ Colburn, M.Ed., Mary Christopher, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 9781618216755
Pages: 175
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Gifted students may possess the seeds of gifted leadership or may be expected to lead because of their intellectual capacities. And, as with any potentiality, leadership ability should be developed. This book looks beyond current definitions and examples of leadership to offer a framework within which to cultivate skills and abilities of leaders for this millennium. The curriculum nurtures leadership potential in elementary gifted learners through mini-lessons and activities that are structured around the four leadership frames developed by Bolman and Deal, researchers in organizational leadership. Gifted leaders may or may not be born. But they definitely can be fostered.

Grades 3–6


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by Lynette Breedlove, Ph.D.
on 2/9/2018
from Bowling Green, KY
Insightful learning with low prep activities
This book makes me miss being in the classroom! I can imagine incredible discussions with students using the many activities that would help them reflect on their own leadership traits and the styles of others. The activities could easily lend themselves to interdisciplinary lessons – which frame of leadership do you believe this celebrity/politician/historical figure/literary character displayed and why? This is a resource you can pick up and use in the classroom tomorrow with very little prep – even if you don’t have a background in the topic. There are so many settings in which I can see this book being used – small groups, during guidance counselor push-ins, as a whole group during social studies, during homeroom.  I highly recommend it.
by Wendy A Behrens
on 11/19/2017
from MN
Leadership Skills for Kids
We finally have a book recognizing the importance of nurturing leadership skills in elementary-aged students! Through a series of brief and clearly articulated lesson plans, the authors set the groundwork for developing thoughtful leaders who will be prepared to solve problems and call others to action. Bravo!

Wendy A. Behrens
President, Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted 
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