Authors: Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D., Eric Fecht, Ed.D., Emily Mofield, Ed.D.
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ISBN: 9781618217929
Pages: 258
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Interactions in Ecology and Literature integrates ecology with the concept of interactions and the reading of fictional and informational texts. This unit, developed by Vanderbilt University's Programs for Talented Youth, is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Next Generation Science Standards.

Students will research questions such as "Should animals be kept in zoos?" and "Should humans intervene to control overpopulation of species?" They will examine relationships among living things and the environment as well as relationships between literary elements in texts through accelerated content, engaging activities, and differentiated tasks.

Ideal for gifted classrooms or gifted pull-out groups, the unit features fictional texts from Lynne Cherry, Katherine Applegate, and Jacqueline Woodson; art from Mark Rothko and Georges Seurat; informational texts about deforestation and a variety of animals; biographies about Michael Jordan, J. K. Rowling, and Walt Disney; and videos about food chains, food webs, and more.

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Winner of the 2015 NAGC Curriculum Studies Award

Grades 2–3

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by Jean Getter
on 5/20/2018
from Indian Lake Elementary, Hendersonville, RN
Interactions in Ecology and Literature
I used this book with my 2nd and 3rd grade gifted class.  They really liked it.  It fit well into our interactions theme this year!  The students are very interested in animals and things like endangered species and preserving natural areas.  We really enjoyed the lesson connecting interactions to The Great Kapok Tree.  The Lierary Analysis Wheel created by the authors was a great tool.  It sparked a lot of valuable,higher level discussions.  It seems simple, but it gives the students more interesting, directed and authentic questions to ponder than if we just had an open ended discussion about the book.  Please look at other books by these authors.  They write true gifted curriculum and they have books on a variety of topics and for various age levels of gifted students.
by Julia Miner
on 5/15/2018
from George Whitten Elementary
Engaging and Challenging
The lessons in this book help lead to deeper discussions and engage the students. I love the hands-on activities and thought provoking information each lesson contains. My students really enjoyed learning with each lesson. Personally, I really liked lesson 10 and may have had more fun than the kids! Lesson 10 also taught some good social skills that all students should learn. I also thought lesson 4 was informative. 
by Teresa Schweinsberg
on 5/14/2018
from Sumner County Schools, TN
Gifted Education Teacher (Interactions in Ecology and Literature)
This unit was so much fun for my grades 1-3 gifted students.  They have loved every activity so far.  It is extremely age appropriated, in that so many students at this age are interested in animals and their habitats.  Incorporating interactions and ecology into their interest of animals kept them motivated.  I appreciate how the authors gave multiple questions for each activity to create depth and complexity.  I would definitely use this unit again.
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Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - April 18, 2018
An ideal curriculum supplement that is both teacher and student friendly in terms of tone, commentary, organization and presentation, Interactions in Ecology and Literature is an especially and unreservedly recommended for classroom teachers, as well as an addition to college and university library Teacher Education & Resources collections.
Review by: Lewie Dunn, Georgia Military College - March 14, 2018
This Cross-Discipline work makes learning more fun and pushes Gifted and Advanced Learners in Grades 2-3 to reach higher and excel in both Ecology and Literature. It is about time that works like this become more available to educators, to expand the material out there and to increase the knowledge available for future generations.

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