Implementing RtI With Gifted Students

Edited by Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph.D., and Susan K. Johnsen, Ph.D.

ImplementingRtICoverImplementing RtI With Gifted Students shares how RtI can fit within the framework of gifted education programming models. This edited book will serve as a reference guide for those interested in learning more about RtI and how it might be effectively implemented to meet the needs of all gifted students. Chapters contributed by top gifted education experts focus on topics including tiered supports and services for gifted learners; screening, assessment, and progress monitoring; evidence-based practices; popular gifted education models that fit within a tiered framework; and diversity. Additional resources for schools include a self-assessment needs survey; guidelines for planning; forms, templates, and timelines for getting started; and rubrics for reviewing implementation fidelity and progress. 

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The editors of this book intend for each chapter to inform practical teaching in the classroom. Readers of this book should be able to take what they learn from all of the chapters and apply it directly to their own teaching. In that vein, they have organized this collection of resource materials to not only expand upon subjects covered in the book, but act as tools teachers can use to implement the strategies described in the chapters. This collection contains a wide variety of resources and materials to help educators mine the power of the RtI model when working with gifted students. Included are worksheets and data organizers, forms to send home to families, and links to organizations and other useful sources for working with gifted children. We hope that you will find this collection a good companion to our book!

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