Identifying and Assisting Kids With ADHD
Identifying and Assisting Kids With ADHD
PUBLISHED: Monday, November 26, 2012 by Sean Redmond

More than 10 million children and teens under age 18 have been diagnosed with ADHD. These students face daily struggles, both in and outside of the classroom. The following resources can help your kids with ADHD get the attention they need to succeed personally, socially, and academically.

  • Helpguide provides a number of school support strategies for parents of children with ADHD, covering topics such as impulsivity, fidgeting, and hyperactivity.
  • Carol’s Web Corner offers a list of “Top 10 Tips for Teaching ADHD/ADD Children” that can help teachers improve their teaching environments and help students with ADHD in their classrooms better learn.
  • TeenLife offers tips on how teach your teens with ADHD how to avoid cyberbullying and use appropriate behavior when on the computer.
  • SpecialedPost offers a “Top 10 Tips” list to help familiarize parents with the behaviors young children with ADHD often display, providing valuable information on the similarities and differences between the conduct of typical active young children and those who may have ADHD.

For students who have already been diagnosed, we offer a number of resources to help them, their parents, and their teachers, including Take Control of ADHD101 School Success Tools for Students With ADHDand Raising Boys With ADHD.