Author: Suzanne Capek Tingley
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How to Handle Difficult Parents is a funny, but practical, guide to working effectively with parents and avoiding unnecessary conflict. Whether you’re a teacher (regular or special education) or a coach, this book will give you practical suggestions regarding what to say and how to say it to parents who question your lesson plans, challenge your disciplinary decisions, or threaten to tell the principal on you. Bringing years of experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and professor, the author shows teachers how to handle the most difficult parent types, including the Helicopter Mom, the Caped Crusader, Ms. “Quit Picking on My Kid,” The Intimidator, No Show’s Dad, and Pinocchio’s Mom, among others. Emphasizing ways to help create constructive conversation, this revised edition of How to Handle Difficult Parents is a must-have for teachers everywhere, both those just beginning and those already deep in the trenches.

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by Mary Lavers
on 1/4/2013
from Canada
Review from Cozy Little Book Journal
This book is funny from start to finish, but it's also useful and informative. I recommend it to both new teachers and seasoned pros. Even someone who has been teaching for decades would likely enjoy the scenarios described in How to Handle Difficult Parents, even if it's just as a reminder that someone else knows what you've been through.

Suzanne Capek Tingley is speaking directly to educators, almost as though she were in the room. She gets that we work hard, we do our best and we genuinely care about our students, BUT that there are times we just wish we could throw a coffee mug right at sweet little Johnny's blowhard dads (But don't do it, she cautions!) She also gets that we all want to be professional and not let difficult situations escalate if we can help it. In other words, she's on our side.

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Review by: James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review - August 21, 2012
How to Handle Difficult Parents: Proven Solutions for Teachers is a practical, discplined, organized reponse to the need for teachers to develop special coping skills to deal with many varieties of Difficult Parents.

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