Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love STEM
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love STEM
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 by Katy McDowall

With the holidays upon us, you might be trying to find the perfect gift for the young STEM enthusiast in your house. From way back in the Mesozoic era to the far reaches of outer space and beyond, we’ve put together a list of books perfect for kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. Perfect for readers ages 8–12, these titles are sure to entertain and inspire!

Engineer This!: 10 Amazing Projects for Young Mechanical Engineers 

Readers can sharpen their engineering eyes with Engineer This! The book features 10 projects, all of which require easy-to-find materials and inspire young engineers to overcome potential failures and construct, decorate, and test completely functional machines. Recommended by the National Science Teachers Association and Purdue University's INSPIRE Research Institute, the book also features engaging connections to science concepts every step of the way.

Bizarre Space: A Kid's Guide to Our Strange, Unusual Universe

What happens to stars when they die? What disaster is just waiting to happen to Mars? And why, exactly, can’t Uranus seem to roll straight? Bizarre Space takes readers deep into our curious cosmos to discover the mysteries that lie beyond our home planet. Packed with humor as well as up-to-date astronomy and a wealth of information, this exciting adventure through the most shocking space discoveries is sure to engage young space lovers.

Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids: The Everything Guide for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

"This should become the go-to book for middle-grade readers and above who have an interest in dinosaurs," according to the San Francisco Book Review. It's true. Divided into sections for quick access to the easy-to-understand definitions and amazing full-color illustrations, Dinosaur Dictionary for Kids is a must-have for any kid's home library. As well as learning about hundreds of different dinosaurs, readers will explore dinosaur extinction, how scientists date fossils, and what it takes to become a paleontologist.

Twisted True Tales From Science Series

Learning about science has never been so gross, or so much fun, with the Twisted True Tales From Science series. In Insane Inventors, readers explore the history of genius inventors who were also kind of insane, including Nikola Tesla, Henry Cavendish, and Sir Isaac Newton. Disaster Discoveries focuses on catastrophic disasaters that led to important discoveries in science, including the murderous London fog that claimed 12,000 lives. In Explosive Experiments, readers will find tales of experiments gone wrong (or right?), such as the explosive experiment that accidentally led to the discovery of gunpowder. And Medical Mayhem explores the medicines that came from poison, doctors who experimented on themselves, and more.

Space Dictionary for Kids: The Everything Guide for Kids Who Love Space

Packed with hundreds of illustrated definitions about astronomy and space, Space Dictionary for Kids is certain to spark any kid’s enthusiasm for the solar system and galaxy. Young astronmers can explore cosmology, stars and galaxies, the solar system, space exploration, and exoplanets and astrobiology. They can even hop on an astronomy timeline to learn the story of how primitive ancient beliefs evolved over centuries to become a high-technology science. As one reviewer notes, "The wide variety of space topics, presented in a palatable and understandable format, makes this book comprehensive and yet light and fun to read."

Things That Make You Go Yuck! Series

From the disgusting to the deadly, the massive to the microscopic, the slimy to the sneaky, Things That Make You Go Yuck! introduces readers to the strangest and most spectacular species that ever lived. Crooked Critters introduces trespassing toads, insects in disguise, and brood-borrowing cuckoos—some of the worst offenders in the plant and animal kingdoms. Extreme Living looks at organisms living in the weirdest ways: swimming miles deep in the ocean, freeezing on icy mountaintops, and boiling in hot springs. Mystifying Mutants showcases genetic mutants like two-toned lobsters and hairless cats. And in Odd Couples, readers will find out about nature's strangest dating rituals, cooperative couples, and parasitic pests.