Great Special Education Resources Spotted at CEC 2013
Great Special Education Resources Spotted at CEC 2013
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by Lacy Compton

The Prufrock staff recently attended the annual Council for Exceptional Childrenconvention in San Antonio. Not only did we enjoy exhibiting there and supporting our authors, but we were able find some fabulous resources to share with you.

A few of the cool special education teaching ideas we picked up at CEC include:

  • The Tough Kid series of books for kids with emotional/behavioral disorders and their parents and teachers allows kids to find new ways to manage their powerful emotions.
  • JennyLU Designs was created to showcase the colorful, playful artwork of Jenny Unrein, who has Williams Syndrome. Sharing her art with your students is a great way to show them how they too can express themselves creatively, and perhaps even turn their passion areas into a business like Jenny's.
  • Reading Is a Superpower is a comic book program that helps teachers use much-loved comics and graphic novels in their classrooms. The program includes lesson plans, discussion questions, vocabulary guides, and other resources geared to the Common Core State Standards.
  • provides a free, online accessible library to schools for use with students with print disabilities. You can browse the available book lists before signing up for an account.