What It Means to "Go Open" With Education
What It Means to "Go Open" With Education
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 by Stephanie McCauley

Thirteen states are planning to phase out textbooks in favor of online school materials. The initiative, called #GoOpen, aims to develop an educational repository for openly licensed resources. This is one step toward President Obama’s goal of opening e-book access to all students by 2017.

In honor of Open Education Week, we’ve gathered some information about open educational resources (OER) and the move to digital learning.

What is open education and what do you need to know?

  • Corinne Lestch explains what it means to “Go Open” (and why there’s a hashtag involved).
  • In this article by Ed Tech Strategies, Doug Levin explains what OER actually means. “Open” and “digital” are not always synonymous, he says. Neither are “free” and “open” resources.
  • This Education Week article considers the move to digital learning. Research indicates that students prefer print books, so why are we moving to digital texts? Can students learn to read these texts critically?
  • Amazon plans to launch an OER marketplace in May, according to Edsurge. The platform would make digital content searchable for teachers. They have invited teachers to test the beta.
  • Open Education Week offers an OER resource page filled with websites about open education.