Gifted Education and Gifted Students

Kelly C. Margot, Ph.D., and Jacque Melin, Authors

Although most teacher education programs offer classes on special education and English language learners, teachers often do not receive any training in the needs of high-ability students or gifted education practices. This book:

  • Prepares inservice and preservice teachers to educate high-ability students.
  • Addresses learning targets through a combination of research and practical strategies.
  • Includes a selection of activities to check for teacher understanding.
  • Is concise and user-friendly.
  • Is perfect for both individual and collaborative learning.

Each chapter opens with a driving question and a list of learning targets related to various topics, including key philosophies, theories, and models; educational factors that enhance or inhibit talent development; characteristics of advanced learners; and the role of culture, ethnicity, and language in the identification process

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