A Field Guide to Gifted Students: Facilitator's Guide

Charlotte Agell and Molly Kellogg, Authors

A Field Guide to Gifted Students is a practical manual to the unique characteristics of gifted and advanced learners. Presented as a concise 32-page booklet available in sets of 10, this resource:

  • Can be used in teacher workshops and other group professional learning settings.
  • Assists educators in understanding and meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted students.
  • Includes a companion online facilitator's guide.
  • Features practical tips based on current research and best practices.
  • Is packed with illustrations, checklists, space to write notes, and a glossary of terms.

School can feel like the wrong fit for many gifted learners, but through learning how to notice and support gifted students' diverse traits and needs, educators can build ideal classroom climates for student success. Readers will understand how to identify giftedness and related traits, including twice-exceptionality, introversion and extroversion, perfectionism, sensitivity, and intuitiveness.

Download the Facilitator's Guide

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This online facilitator's guide includes everything workshop leaders need to conduct a brief course for classroom teachers, coordinators, counselors, or even parents using the purchasable sets of Field Guide booklets. (Note: This resource is available here as a downloadable and printable PDF for individual use only. Please visit our copyright permissions page to learn more about our copyright policies.)

Watch a Webinar About A Field Guide to Gifted Students

This webinar, featuring Charlotte Agell and Molly Kellogg, offers an introduction to gifted learners and meeting their academic and social-emotional needs.

A Field Guide to Gifted Students: Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners from Prufrock Press on Vimeo.