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Students often think of science only in terms of formulas, vocabulary words, and lab reports. Enriching the Young Naturalist: The Nature of a Science Classroom offers teachers a guidebook for teaching naturalism in the science classroom, allowing their students to discover the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

In this lively, practical book, teachers will learn how to help their students become naturalists. Through in-depth study, research, fieldwork, and discussion, students will be challenged to think creatively, solve problems, and present their work to a real audience. Several lessons tie in with language arts and social studies subject areas, making them ideal for multicurricular connections. Written by a teacher who has refined this curriculum over several years, Enriching the Young Naturalist will bring exploration and discovery back into science classrooms.


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Review by: Susan Duncan, Middle Ground - April 1, 2010
The book chronicles the growth of a child from enjoying the wonders of nature to employing the rich observational skills of a researcher and intuitive expression of an artist. Danielian has a unique ability to maintain a dynamic among the rigors of academic performance, artistic expression, and connection with nature. With the recent addition of environmental literacy to the National Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Enriching the Young Naturalist provides a timely reference to ensure that students not only understand their world as naturalists, but have the ability to use these skills to sustain their corner of the planet as well.
Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - August 14, 2009
A young interest in nature is something to be nurtured. Enriching the Young Naturalist: The Nature of a Science Classroom is a guide for science teachers and other educators who want to help young would-be scientists with their interest in the natural world. With simple tips and advice, and plenty of activities, author Jeff Danielian doesn't fall short in giving everything one needs to know to teach youngsters about nature. Enriching the Young Naturalist is a top pick for educational collections.
Review by: Adah Stock, National Science Teachers Association - July 1, 2009
What I most like about this book is the author's approach with students. He allows for individuality among students by letting them pick their area of scientific exploration (Earth science, meteorology, ecology, and so forth) as well as what questions they want to answer. He takes an interdisciplinary approach by having students explore poems, essays, and art about nature to understand the creator’s voice. Most of all, the author understands and allows for differentiation of work honoring student’s different abilities and skills.

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