Authors: Carol McBride, Francisco L Gonzales
Product Code: 6298
ISBN: 9781618216298
Pages: 152
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Turn trash into invention and sharpen your engineering eye with these 10 hands-on engineering projects. Using recycled and easy-to-find materials, engineer your own motorcar, catapult, glider, and other completely functional machines. Explore amazing scientific concepts, such as potential, kinetic, and electrical energy; principles of flight; weights and balances; pulleys and levers; laws of motion; and more. Each project includes step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, exciting facts, safety tips, and extended engineering and science activities for further discovery.

Ages 9–12

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by Touraj
on 3/7/2018
from Parvin
This is more like a craft book than engineering, I tried some of the "cute" projects, but they did not work. Very disappointing!
by Laurie Soloff
on 11/26/2017
from Arizona
Engineer This!: 10 Amazing Projects for Young Mechanical Engineers
 As an educator and former coordinator of elementary school science fairs, I found this book very engaging. The projects and materials are simple and well presented, and the low cost materials will make them accessible to a broad range of students. The cute animals in several of the projects brought a nice aspect of play into the learning experiences. 
 I particularly liked the sections with “what should happen” and “troubleshoot this”  to encourage and guide students through the learning process.  Highly recommended to parents, teachers and kids.
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Review: Gifted Child Today - July 1, 2018
Enjoy 10 engaging engineering projects that can help students who love to turn trash into treasures, who think outside the box, and who delight in creating products that actually work! Easy to understand step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, full-color photos, and safety tips provide specific guidance for construction of each project product.
Review by: Susan, Kids' BookBuzz - February 1, 2018
This book shows you how to make puppets and catapults and more, more, more.... I even learned some history in this book, because it says: “Anthropologists sometimes find tools developed by early humans.” Boys and girls ages 5 – 11 will enjoy this book. I know I did!
Review by: Linda Biondi, MiddleWeb - November 16, 2017
This beyond fabulous book by Carol J. McBride and Francisco L. Gonzales is absolutely perfect from start to finish. It can be used to supplement a STEM curriculum, be the foundation of a STEM curriculum, or serve as a perfect gift to give a budding young engineer (or oldish one). . . . I love how they speak to the reader. “Don’t be afraid to fail. Gliders will crash. Parachutes may not open. . . . You will likely have to tweak your designs in order to succeed— just like an engineering professional.”

Full review available at MiddleWeb.
Review by: Mary Lynn Hess, NSTA Recommends - November 2, 2017
With the dynamic team, authors Carol J. McBride and Francisco L. Gonzales, kids will experience math, science, engineering, and art to create a masterpiece. . . . The book has easy to follow step-by-step directions making it clear to understand, with illustrations to go along with it. It also encourages kids to be creative, problem solvers, make modifications to see how it changes the targeted results, and promotes discovery beyond building the project. With the increasing push in educational institutions to encourage the young to get involved in engineering at an early age, this book promotes kids to sharpen their skills. Whether you are an educator or parent, this book will save you time, explaining everything you need, right down to the exact supplies and tools needed for each project.

Full review available at NSTA Recommends.
Review: Purdue University, INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering - November 1, 2017
The strength of the book is that, beyond simply showing children how to accomplish a finished project, it goes further to teach them about the science behind their projects, like how forces such as lift and drag affect a paper glider. As children work through the fun activities in the book they will gain an appreciation of different types of engineering careers and the engineering design process.
Review by: Alane Starko, Creativiteach - October 22, 2017
The projects are engaging, but what raises the book above the level of a Pinterest collection is the commentary, designed to help young builders begin to think like junior engineers. The book begins with a section on engineering and design thinking, and then sprinkled through each project are “Think about this!” comments, intended to spark young people’s thinking beyond the immediate project. . . . While I can easily see young boys and girls both enjoying the book, there is a definite cuteness factor that may help craft-loving girls think about engineering as something that includes them as well.

Full review available at Creativiteach.

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