Authors: Janice I. Robbins, Ph.D., Carol L. Tieso, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 9781618212535
Pages: 184
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Engaging With History in the Classroom: The American Revolution is the first in a series of middle-grade U.S. history units that focus on what it means to be an American citizen, living in a democracy that expects as much from its citizens as it provides to them. In every lesson, students are asked to step into the world of the 18th-century American colonies, to hear about and to see what was happening, to read the words of real people and to imagine their hopes, dreams, and feelings. Students also learn to question the accounts left behind and to recognize different perspectives on events that marked the beginnings of our country as an independent nation. Resources for teachers include a running script useful as a model for guiding conceptualization as well as extensive teacher notes with practical suggestions for personalizing activities.

Grades 6–8


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by helen malone
on 3/6/2015
from Arlington, VA
The American Revolution
I reviewed Engaging With History in the Classroom: The American Revolution from the lens of a fourth grade teacher, and especially from the perspective of my gifted students. I found many useful lessons that would supplement the Virginia History curriculum. The lesson plans were detailed and quite useful with engaging activities reaching multiple learning styles. The plans provided numerous suggestions for obtaining understanding with detailed instructions. The many examples of primary sources were reprinted to be easy for students to read and decipher. The variety of examples of primary sources will reach different students’ needs and interests so there were opportunities to select and choose the most appropriate for a particular group of students. I found the materials offered vastly more suggestions than I could utilize in the time allotted for the study of the Revolutionary War, but I would highly recommend these materials to teachers.
by Charlene Hufford
on 2/14/2015
from Asbury, NJ
Engaging with History in the Classroom:  The Civil War is an excellent lesson resource for Middle School History Teachers.  The authors have written comprehensive history units to help teachers provide students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the people involved and the events that occurred during the Civil War.  Each unit consists of detailed lesson plans with hook activities, suggested materials, lesson content, teacher notes, tips, historical documents and great online resources.  Also included in the units are modifications so the material is understandable for lower level learners and challenging for higher-level learners, therefore allowing all students to actively participate in the lessons.  I highly recommend this book to all history teachers as a valuable resource for preparing and presenting the Historical Events of the Civil War.
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Review: Gifted Child Today - December 17, 2015
Primary sources and authentic artifacts enhance history lessons and help to create inviting learning environments for students while developing in-depth conceptual knowledge. Janice I. Robbins and Carol L. Tieso present a series of four books that entice middle school students to explore . . . The books are replete with lessons, handouts, and thorough instructions for teachers to build knowledge and perspective in their classroom while following history curriculum standards.
Review by: Jody Passanisi, Shara Peters, MiddleWeb - April 5, 2015
. . . For a new teacher without any curriculum options at his or her disposal, this is an incredibly rich resource. For a teacher with an existing curriculum, it is useful as well—one in which the teacher can “choose their own adventure,” picking from some well-thought-out course material, deciding what offerings best supplement their current content in the classroom and what suits their teaching style and objectives . . . . Overall, this is an extremely worthwhile tool for United States History teachers to have on the actual or virtual bookshelf. The four-book series can be used by any teacher, regardless of where they are in their career, to enhance their curriculum.

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