Authors: Tamra Stambaugh, Ph.D., Emily Mofield, Ed.D., Eric Fecht, Ed.D., Kim Knauss, M.Ed.
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ISBN: 9781618218063
Pages: 266
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Encounters With Archetypes integrates the study of archetypes with the concept of encounters. This unit, developed by Vanderbilt University's Programs for Talented Youth, is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and features accelerated content, creative products, differentiated tasks, engaging activities, and the use of in-depth analysis models to develop sophisticated skills in the language arts.

Through the lens of encounter, students will examine the patterns, symbols, and motifs associated with common archetypes by analyzing fictional and informational texts, speeches, and visual media. Students will follow various archetype encounters with conflicts and challenges to explore questions such as “How do archetypes reflect the human experience?” and “How do archetypes reveal human strengths and weaknesses?"

Ideal for gifted classrooms or gifted pull-out groups, the unit features texts from Sandra Cisneros, Louis Untermeyer, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson, and Maya Angelou; biographies of Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Jackie Robinson, Sally Ride, and Lin-Manuel Miranda; a speech from President Ronald Reagan; a novel study featuring Wonder by R. J. Palacio and/or Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan; and art from Pieter Bruegel.

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Grades 4–5

Webinar About the Vanderbilt Units

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by Sherri Holmes
on 3/29/2019
Outstanding Resource for all ELA Students
This resource has twelve lessons involving character, situational, and symbolic archetypes and the encounters that occur as a result of the archetypes existing within text.  These lessons are extensively designed including pre/post-test, standard connections, templates/graphic organizers, media and text connections, rubrics, etc.  It is all included with guidelines of executing the lesson.  Teaching sixth grade ELA students, I have utilized the lessons in this book for my gifted, advanced, standard, and inclusion learners. The concepts presented in the lessons aid the students in better understand abstract meaning within literature and connect encounters and literary elements throughout the author's presentation of literature.  It is rewarding to watch students begin to make more sense of text by applying the encounters of archetypes in this resource book.  This is a must have resource for all ELA students!
by Paula Kiggins
on 3/5/2019
from TN
Excellent Engaging Resources for All Classrooms
As a gifted educator for almost thirty years, I am always looking for fresh, new, engaging resources to share with teachers that include creative/critical thinking skills with advanced content. This book gives the novice and the seasoned educator excellent lessons complete with well developed questions to promote higher order thinking and differentiated curriculum at its best while utilizing the Integrated Curriculum Model. I used these lessons in an advanced language arts class and the students were engaged, challenged, and enlightened as they personally identified with characters and scenarios, thus making learning more personal and meaningful. Thank you authors for giving us yet another amazing tool to generate optimal learning opportunities with advanced content in both the gifted and regular education classrooms.
by Dr. Vicki Phelps
on 2/20/2019
from Tennessee
A Much-Welcomed Resource!
There are so many positive attributes to this book that I simply do not know where to begin! Not only does this book embrace best practice through the Integrated Curriculum Model, classroom standards, pre/post assessments, and differentiated instruction, it also presents students with new and refreshing content. After having been a gifted educator for many years, it is a rarity for me to find a resource that presents new content in a new light, and this book does exactly that!  In addition, this book provides easy to follow lessons with ready to copy templates, deep, thought-provoking questions, and cross-curricular integration.  My greatest take-away, however, is seeing how students connect with this advanced content on a personal level and learn more about themselves along the way. This personal connection has led to heightened levels of comprehension and unforeseen application into new learning endeavors. Thank you to the authors for the time and effort that went into writing this!
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Review: Midwest Boook Review - April 15, 2019
Exceptionally well organized and presented, Encounters With Archetypes is especially recommended for school district in-service training curriculums, as well as college and university library Teacher Education collections and supplemental studies lists.

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