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When Smart Kids Underachieve in School: Practical Solutions for Teachers takes a look at the 10 most common reasons why some smart, advanced, and gifted students do not reach their achievement potential. Reasons for underachievement range from social-emotional needs, lack of proper programming, not being challenged, and potential learning disabilities. Each chapter discusses a different cause and three practical strategies that can be used to overcome it. Useful for teachers, counselors, gifted coordinators, and administrators, this book is an easy-to-read, must-have resource for any educator looking to identify, understand, and reverse underachievement.

Grades K–12


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by Denise
on 3/1/2018
from Columbus, Ohio
Great Read!!
This book gives the reader a perspective that is needed on learning.  An easy read for both educators and parents.  Job well done!
by Lori Crane
on 2/27/2018
from Ohio
Great read & useful information !  
by Sharon
on 12/25/2017
from Richwood
Great Resource for Teachers
The initial profiles of underachieving gifted students in the introduction really piqued my curiosity for solutions that may have helped these young people even earlier in their school careers.  The examples chosen come from a wide variety of backgrounds, as do the gifted students I teach.  Todd Stanley discusses ten potential causes of underachievement commonly observed in schools today and gives practical, tested strategies for alleviating the underlying issues.  I particularly appreciate that his solutions run across the elementary – high school spectrum.  He understands each audience, and knows that what works with one age range won’t get the same results with another group.  Todd’s personal experience of working with gifted youth is apparent in each chapter as the details to the cause and the solutions are not just theoretical, but ring true to the feelings and emotions of gifted students.  The conclusion underscores the universal element essential to all strategies. 
by Patricia Farrenkopf, Ed.D.
on 12/13/2017
from Westerville, Ohio
When Smart Kids Underachieve in School
I am often asked by district personnel for suggestions for book talks.  In these discussions, the topic of underachievement also is posed.  It is a myth that smart kids are good at everything and never underachieve.

Stanley’s book When Smart Kids Underachieve in School is a perfect resource to suggest for book talks.  It also addresses those myths that are still alive in our schools.  The 10 Causes for Underachievement are explained with references to research as well as personal experiences from Stanley’s career in education.  Each cause is then accompanied with practical strategies to address and reverse the specific underpinning of that cause.

This K-12 resource should be included as a staple in the library of educators…in the classroom, guidance location, gifted resource room, and administrative office.
by Lewie Dunn
on 10/23/2017
A Reference for Every Educator
The entire work can serve as a desk reference if a educator sees a student who they feel falls under one of the ten causes. This work could be used hand in hand with the DSM V, to assist the educator and or counselor as well as administration and gifted coordinators. At the very least it should be placed in the media center as a reference for every educator in a school. Together with several of the other works that Stanley suggests will serve to increase the awareness of all educators in giving the underachiever a better chance to reach higher.
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Review: Midwest Book Review - January 1, 2018
“When Smart Kids Underachieve in School” is an easy-to-read and essential instructional resource for any educator looking to identify, understand, and reverse underachievement.

Full review available at Midwest Book Review.

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