Download Instructions

PDF (Portable Document Format) Files with Social Stamping Information

Most books containing reproducible classroom materials are sold as socially stamped PDF files. In order to use PDFs on your computer, you should first install either the free Adode Digital Editions reader software or Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (or later) software on your computer.

Click here to download the free Adobe Digital Editons reader software.

While Acrobat Reader 9 is the more common method for reading PDF files, we highly recommend using the Adobe Digital Editions reader software. Digital Editions acts as a digital library for all of your eBooks. The software supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF and ePub files.

Prufrock Press’ PDF files are copy protected with social stamping. Each page of a socially stamped PDF will include Prufrock’s copyright information, your name, and the date of your purchase.

With the purchase of PDF-formatted materials from Prufrock Press’ website, you are granted a single-classroom user license that entitles you to use or duplicate these materials for a single classroom (or home) only. Additionally, these electronic materials may be transmitted to other devices within the community of a single classroom (or home) via a secure password-protected intranet, website, electronic bulletin board, FTP site, or newsgroup.

Sharing the materials or making copies for additional classrooms or schools or for other individuals is prohibited. Use of the materials for anything other than classroom instruction is a violation of the Prufrock Press copyright policy. Prufrock Press retains full intellectual property rights on all of its products, and these rights extend to electronic editions of complete books and individual teaching activities offered for sale in digital format.