ADE Copy Protected Files: Adobe Digital Editions Information

Books sold as Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) require the free Adobe Digital Editions reader software. The free reader software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. ADE acts as a digital library for all of your eBooks. ADE supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF and ePub files.

Using your free Adobe ID (signup when you first install ADE), eBooks purchased with ADE protection may be used on up to six devices that support the ADE reader software.

Printing Your Books for Classroom Use

Many of our books include permission to reproduce pages for classroom use. These pages may be printed and copied from any ADE protected book (PDF or ePub) purchased on the Prufrock Press website.

Print and copy functionality is only available on computers running Windows or macOS. This functionality is not available on mobile devices or Chromebooks.

Install Adobe Digital Editions Before Downloading Your Book

Before downloading an eBook from the Prufrock Press website, you must first install the Adobe Digital Editions reader software.

Click here to download the ADE reader software.

Once you have installed the reader software on your computer, download your purchased book from the Prufrock Press website (on the Prufrock website, visit “Your Account,” log in, and click “My eBooks”).

.acsm Files (Adobe Content Server Message)

ACSM IconWhen you download your purchased book, a small file ending in .acsm will be saved to your computer. Open this file in Adobe Digital Editions or simply double click on the file. Your eBook will open in your ADE reader application. Once your file has opened in your ADE reader software, you will be able to bookmark, print, copy, read, and fully enjoy your new eBook purchase.

For additional help or more information about about using Prufrock’s ADE protected eBooks, see this eBook help page.