Don't Miss This! An Assortment of Intriguing Links for Gifted Kids
Don't Miss This! An Assortment of Intriguing Links for Gifted Kids
PUBLISHED: Monday, October 07, 2013 by Lacy Compton

Let's face it, gifted kids have varied, often random interests. And it's not always easy to find good resources that fall in line with their passion areas. That's why, whenever I see or hear of an online resource that intrigues me, that I think gifted kids will love, I write it on a sticky note and place it on my desk. Now that those notes have accumulated, it's time to share them with our fans and followers:

  • Factoring With Mr. Yang and Mosley the Alien: OK, what kid doesn't love aliens? And dread boring math lessons? Gene Yang, a talented graphic novelist (he won the Printz award for American Born Chinese) and advocate for using comic books in education, created this fun, interactive series of lessons on factoring.
  • The United States of YA: This blog pinpoints a YA novel taking place in each of the 50 states, a unique way for teens to find a few new novels for their free reading time (or maybe brush up their geography knowledge).
  • Professor Says He's Solved a Mystery Over a Slave's Novel: Help your students see the true value in being history detectives with this fascinating article about the long-unknown, but recently discovered authorship of a popular slave novel.
  • Here's the Thing: David Letterman: I know, you're probably wondering how an interview with David Letterman by Alec Baldwin could be educational, but just take a listen to the first part, where Letterman describes his experiences working for a TV news station in the late 1960s. How many kids today would know what a booth announcer was or that commercials came on individual tapes? His inside look at one point in the history of broadcast is invaluable.
  • Dogs Are People, Too: Finally, an intriguing opinion piece on one team of scientists' study of the brains of dogs, finding similarities in one region of the brain between dogs and humans.

I hope your gifted students enjoy these fascinating websites as much as I did!