Authors: Brenda McGee, Debbie Keiser Triska
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ISBN: 9781593639679
Pages: 236
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Kids love exploring complex topics, and the more than 150 ready-to-use projects in this book will get their minds working and their hands investigating as they complete fun tasks like “Can You See Sound?” and “It’s All in the Advertising.” The research-oriented activities in this book will help teachers provide differentiated learning experiences for advanced and gifted learners based on grade-level content. Each project is written for learners in grades 3–5 to use independently, and the teacher-friendly projects require few additional materials and very little guidance. The projects are fully integrated, with many employing skills from several content areas. Learners will use 21st-century skills as they explore grade-level content more deeply through specific, intensive online research.

Grades 3–5


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by Mensa
on 9/24/2013
from Arlington, Texas
Fantastic Resource
This fantastic resource contains 150 differentiated projects targeted towards gifted students in grades 3-5.  Each lesson lists the material required, the steps needed to complete the project, and includes the charts or organizers that are used for the project.  Teachers working with self-contained gifted classrooms, planning lessons for gifted pull-out or cluster groups, or those who have high-ability students in their classroom who need differentiated materials will benefit from these projects.  The book is laid out in a clear, organized fashion with projects organized by subject area making it a great teacher resource.  Subject areas include various topics in social studies, science, and history. Many of the project guides could be printed out and completed independently by a student making a substantial number of these projects also suitable for independent study.  A portion of the projects include some element of creativity asking a child to create a novel product.  
by Sarah
on 2/26/2013
from Chicago, IL
Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students
As someone who has been teaching and tutoring for over 10 years, this is a practical book to add to one’s collection, whether working with a large or small group of students. Having the book written directly for the students allows for independent selection based on interest. Each entry reminds students to check their final products with their teachers, encouraging student-teacher communication concerning the independent work. The book covers a wide variety of subject matter, so it can also be used by students who excel in a multiple academic areas. This is a great resource for any teacher’s library.
by Tamra
on 2/21/2013
from Seattle
Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students
As a teacher who has taught multiple grades and ability levels, I found this book extremely valuable. The ready-to-use, hands-on activities are easy to follow. The materials and steps are clearly defined. I like that gifted students can do the activities independently, but I could also do the activities whole-group and guide my students through the learning. I highly recommend this book for general education classes and gifted classrooms.
by Mandy
on 2/4/2013
from Allen, Texas
Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students
This textbook is truly a valuable resource for teachers of gifted students.  The activites allow the student to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics, (geography, government, science, history, etc) while using different modalities (five senses, technology, etc).  These gifted students are being allowed to take their knowledge a 'step further' by answering the question, "what if," pretending, brainstorming and doing hands on activities/experiments.  I was also impressed with the authors stress on using 21st-century skills (internet research, Power Point, etc.)to elaborate and research relevant topics.  I would highly recommend this textbook to gifted teachers.
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Review: Midwest Book Review - February 1, 2013
For any teacher of these gifted and talented students, the resources provided within from teaching writers Brenda Holt McGee & Debbie Triska Keiser are invaluable, making “Differentiated Projects for Gifted Students” a strongly recommended addition to educational and academic reference collections focusing on primary education.

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