Culturally Responsive Teaching in Gifted Education Resources

C. Matthew Fugate, Ph.D., Wendy A. Behrens, M.A. Ed., Cecelia Boswell, Ed.D., and Joy Lawson Davis, Ed.D., Editors

Culturally Responsive Teaching in Gifted Education is a professional learning tool for practitioners who are working to create more culturally responsive school and classroom environments. This book:

  • Focuses on gifted and talented students from special populations, including those who are culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse.
  • Is presented as a collection of essays written by educational advocates.
  • Aims to increase the cultural competence of teachers and school leaders.
  • Is organized in three sections: Culturally Responsive Practices; Race, Ethnicity, and Culture; and Gender, Sex, and Sense of Self.
  • Provides readers with personal insights into the implicit biases that exist within the educational system and gifted programs.


Each chapter illustrates the lived experiences of students from special populations and includes reflection questions for continued conversations and planning. Finally, an Educator Inventory is provided that tasks educators with reflecting on their own personal implicit biases and classroom practices related to the diverse populations of gifted and talented students in our schools.

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Reflections on Classroom Practice Survey

Download a printable version of the Reflections on Classroom Practice Survey, an evaluation of your current status as a culturally responsive teacher and a road map for students and teachers to becoming lifelong learners.