Creative Kids Magazine Named a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner
Creative Kids Magazine Named a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner
PUBLISHED: Friday, March 09, 2012 by Lacy Compton

Teachers and librarians have long loved Creative Kids magazine for its unique content created by kids for kids. Now a new audience is piping in for its praise for the magazine: parents. Recently, CK was named a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner for 2011.

In reviewing the magazine, Parents’ Choice committee member Teresa DiFalco noted that, Creative Kids is a little like The New Yorker for the 8 to 16 set,” adding that it is “packed with writing” and “a wonderful way to encourage the creative spark in any child.”

As the magazine’s editor, I’m very proud of this award, especially because it reflects the high quality of work we see from kids around the world every day. We have a fantastically talented group of contributors who write for the magazine each quarter, including our 12-member advisory board (Mofe, Zoë, Ethan, Samuel, Cindy, Adam, Greg, Molly, Sarah, Sebastian, Isabella, and Anthony) and our five senior contributors (Leyla, Sang, Lia, Alice, and Thomas). These students, and the many, many others who send in their work to us every day, are smart, talented, and savvy—and they deserve this recognition every bit as much as Creative Kids does.

To read content from previous issues and to learn how to submit your students’ work, check out the magazine’s homepage. To subscribe, visit the Prufrock website. We think you’ll love CK and the wonderful kids’ work it presents as much as we (and the parents, teachers, and librarians who already subscribe) do!