Connecting Gifted Students to Highly Successful Peers
Connecting Gifted Students to Highly Successful Peers
PUBLISHED: Monday, January 20, 2014 by Lacy Compton

One of my favorite web resources for gifted students is, a site dedicated to "connecting young thinkers around the world" and sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and the Center for Talented Youth housed there.

Not only can students find tons of resources and articles about archaeology, medicine, social sciences, science and the arts, and other topic areas (with a heavy focus on science and math areas), but now students can interact with their gifted peers in question and answer sessions like these:

  • Open for Questions is a series in which someone "doing cool work in science" comes to the site and allows readers to ask questions--to which the featured guest provides answers, all within the comment section of the page. The site currently features Intel ISEF Award winner Emily Baczyk.
  • The Inside Scoop from College Freshmen is a Q&A series where current college freshman answer questions about their lives in high school, applying for colleges, and how they have adjusted to life as college students. Thus far, students from a variety of top-ranked colleges across the country have participated.

Mentoring has long been advocated as an appropriate way to help gifted kids tap into their interest areas, but this idea of developing peer mentors sounds even better to me--what better way to motivate students than to show them the very cool lives their fellow gifted students are leading!