College Planning Resources for Gifted Students
College Planning Resources for Gifted Students
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

Searching for the right colleges to apply to and navigating how to apply to them can be a complicated and lengthy process, especially when there are so many options. These helpful resources are here to provide guidance to advanced students at any point in the application process, with tips and tricks, answers to burning questions, and advice for beginning college on the right foot.

  • College 101: A Girl's Guide to Freshman Year (Rev. ed.) is a comprehensive and authentic guide for girls to everything college. From managing academics and navigating frat culture on campus, to avoiding debt and getting enough sleep, this book answers all girls’ questions about university life, including those they didn’t even know they had! 

  • College Planning for Gifted Students: Choosing and Getting Into the Right College (Updated ed.) is a must-have for any gifted or advanced learner planning to attend college. The author provides useful, practical advice for writing college application essays, requesting recommendation letters, visiting colleges, and acing the college entrance interview. 

  • Free College Resource Book takes students and parents through the process of weighing options for college funding, including scholarship searches, grants, savings plans, differences between financial aid options and which financial aid programs provide the best benefits to students, and other sources of money for paying college tuition and fees.

  • Get Into College in 3 Months or Less offers the perfect last-minute rescue to ensuring college entrance. Filled with insider tips and tricks, this book is ideal for parents and their kids who are too busy to spend hours combing through university brochures or filling in applications and need to complete the college admission process fast.

  • Perfect 800: Advanced Strategies for Top Students - SAT Verbal gives advanced students the tools needed to master both the reading and writing portions of the new SAT verbal test. This unique book is a great companion to Perfect 800: SAT Math

  • Perfect 800: Advanced Strategies for Top Students - SAT Math (3rd ed.) offers exposure to a wide range of degrees of difficulty in a holistic approach that allows students to experience the “real thing,” including the impact of time constraints on their performance. 

  • Creative Colleges: Finding the Best Programs for Aspiring Actors, Artists, Designers, Dancers, Musicians, Writers, and More features the best arts colleges and programs in the country, alongside tips and advice from students who’ve “been there, done that.” Students will read expert advice on how to find the school that will best fit them as individuals, develop their talents, and help them make a career out of their passions.