Authors: Emily Mofield, Ed.D., Vicki Phelps, Ed.D.
Product Code: 9756
ISBN: 9781618219756
Pages: 224
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This must-have resource:

  • Provides gifted educators with methods and strategies for successful coplanning, coteaching, coaching, and collaboration.
  • Enables effective management of differentiation.
  • Increases educators’ understanding of gifted students’ needs.
  • Features the tools and “how-to” steps for facilitating and maintaining collaborative work in order to challenge and support gifted students all day, every day.
  • Encourages professional learning and a focus on shared responsibility and reflection.

The book also includes considerations for working with special populations, including twice-exceptional students, underachievers, and culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse learners, as well as meeting students' social-emotional needs, collaborating with families and communities, and advocating for gifted education.

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Webinar Featuring Emily Mofield and Vicki Phelps

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by Becky Hasselle
on 11/29/2020
from Tennessee
Gifted Ed Teacher/ Lead Special Ed teacher
As a gifted ed teacher for fourteen years,  this is by far the best, most practical guide I've read for providing support for gifted ed students throughout their day.  I learned so much not only about practical tips for collaboration with general ed teachers but also strategies for vertical differentiation and deeper inquiry.  I wish I'd had this resource when I was starting out! I've highlighted and dog-eared many fabulous ideas on how to improve collaboration with other teachers and strategies to improve support for gifted students outside my classroom. The book provides great resources and tables I plan to use again and again.  This school year has shown us the importance of teamwork towards meeting the needs of our students. This book provides a roadmap to maximize benefits of planning time to help take gifted students to new heights. I highly recommend this for new or veteran gifted education teachers and administrators who want to improve gifted ed services in their school.
by Karah Lewis
on 8/4/2020
from Nashville, TN
A must-read when working with other educators
A big part of my job as a gifted educator is collaborating with the general ed. teachers who spend most of the day with my students. Collaboration, Coteaching, and Coaching came into my life at the exact right time--when I was struggling to build relationships with those teachers. This book helped me see through the perspective of the gen. ed. teacher and gave me concrete tools for co-planning and helping them to plan for gifted students on their own. This is a book that is now bookmarked in several places, and one I will use for years to come. I will continue to regularly use the Planning for Coteaching document (pg. 83) when working one-on-one with a teacher. The strategies described in Chapter 6 are so valuable, especially when giving gen. ed. teachers easy tools they can use with their students. I would highly recommend this book for any teacher who is working with others in planning for higher level and gifted/talented students.
by Dr. Sally Thomson
on 7/11/2020
from Illinois, United States
Your new go-to manual for collaborative teaching with gifted learners!
As an educator in the field of gifted education, I found this book a wealth of information for both the novice and experienced educator. Filled with helpful tips and effective charts, the book provides a road map for those who wish to try (or expand their efforts at) coteaching and coaching, particularly regarding gifted students. With so many practical and easily implemented strategies, this book will be a “go-to manual” for educators of any level of experience, from novice to veteran. I highly recommend it to other teachers and administrators in the field of gifted education.
by Stephanie Higgs
on 7/6/2020
Gifted Educator, Differentiation Coach
As a gifted educator and a differentiation coach, this book was a must-have for my professional library.  I highlighted or flagged almost every inch of this text!  Mofield and Phelps’ new book reignited my passion for collaborating with and coaching general educators to bump up the material for our gifted learners.  Included in this text was a Spectrum of Collaboration that helped me better understand the role of coaching and how I can best support teachers.  I am eager to share the strategies that I learned with general educators, as I know they will find them useful, as they are interactive.  This might be an especially exciting component for virtual learning.  Bottom line: This is a great investment for you to achieve the maximum impact with your staff and your students.  A true must-read that you’ll refer to time and time again!  
by Lauren Werbowsky
on 7/5/2020
from White House, Tennessee
An excellent resource for any educator!
As an educator of gifted children, this book will support my collaboration efforts with not only general education teachers, but administrators and those that support twice-exceptional and/or gifted ELL students. The focus on successful collaboration and the many ways that can be accomplished gives the reader a plethora of detailed choices. It opened my eyes to new strategies and ways of thinking about supporting my students outside of my classroom. I highly recommend this book to any teacher or administrator who works with the gifted population.
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