Authors: Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ed.D., Linda D. Avery, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 9781593639549
Pages: 130
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A well-rounded curriculum needs to address the more formalized development of leadership abilities that will ensure that young people acquire the knowledge and skills essential to assuming leadership roles. Changing Tomorrow 2: Leadership Curriculum for High-Ability Students offers instructional activities for high-ability middle school students based on the Common Core State Standards that emphasize critical and creative thinking skills and gives gifted students an opportunity to apply these skills in an integrative and substantive way. This book includes 11 lessons that address leadership skill development and assignments that require students to research and compile biographical information on seven influential men and women drawn from multiple disciplines and diverse backgrounds. Instructional questions, pre- and postassessments, and appropriate rubrics are also included.

Grades 6–8

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by Mary Lavers
on 1/6/2013
from Canada
Good ideas to prompt in-depth discussion and study
Changing Tomorrow 2 outlines an entire unit plan for teachers on the theme of leadership, with lesson plans that include in-depth study of several famous leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Pablo Picasso, Charles Darwin and more. Students are asked, through a series of lessons and projects, to learn more about each person and assess the ways in which each does or does not exemplify the qualities of leadership. This leaves a lot of room for class discussion and critical thinking because even though all of the people included in the book are exemplary in many ways, even great humans have their flaws and their detractors. The lesson plans in the book encourage students to ponder whether a person's positive contributions to society outweigh their bad decisions, or whether it is even necessary for them to do so in order for us to rightly admire them as great leaders.
VanTassel and Avery also include helpful explanations of how their unit plan aligns with U.S. common core state standards in gifted education, 21st-century skills and English Language Arts. For Canadian educators I can also attest that these lesson plans could easily be applied to Canadian provincial outcomes in English Language Arts and Social Studies. In Nova Scotia, for instance, the junior high (middle school) Social Studies curriculum focuses on the idea of empowerment, so these lessons would fit easily into that theme.

I found this book to be well laid out, straight forward and easy to use. And of course, as always, I asked my resident curriculum expert--my partner Mike, the junior high English and Social Studies teacher--to help me assess the book's value. We ended up spending two days discussing the lives and legacies of some of the people featured in the book, thereby inadvertently completing some of the assignments recommended for high ability students.

In a way, that's its own endorsement!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purposes of writing a review, though the review did not necessarily need to be favourable, just honest. I frequently read and review books for this reason, but I am always very truthful (and, I hope, fair) in my reviews. Therefore any opinions expressed are strictly my own (except in the case of educational resource books, in which case I often consult other educators to help me assess the books, which I usually mention in my reviews).
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Review by: Elizabeth Kregel, Roeper Review - June 24, 2014
These curriculum guides provide an excellent resource for teachers of the gifted as well as classroom teachers seeking to challenge their high-ability learners. The lessons and activities are easily adaptable to meet the needs of teachers at levels other than those specified. They are well organized with lesson plans that are easy to follow.
Review: Gifted Child Today - March 26, 2014
In addition to detailed lesson plans, VanTassel-Baska and Avery have incorporated pre- and post-assessments to measure both student learning gains and instruction effectiveness. The rubrics created for these assessments are easy to follow and implement. The lessons included encourage students to reflect on famous leaders’ contributions as they develop their own leadership skills.

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