Authors: Harriet S. Mosatche, Elizabeth K. Lawner, Susan Matloff-Nieves
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ISBN: 9781618215215
Pages: 250
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Even with increased pressure to involve more girls in STEM areas in education, parents are often left wondering what they can do to keep their daughter's love of science, math, and technology from fading. In Breaking Through! Helping Girls Succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, topics ranging from how role models can make a difference to finding nonstereotypical toys and taking trips that inspire STEM discovery and engagement are illustrated with research evidence and real-life examples from girls and women. Regardless of a daughter's age (from birth to young adulthood), parents will find tips they can immediately use to help combat the gender imbalance in STEM areas. Whether they need to advocate for gender-neutral, STEM-enriched classrooms or want to encourage creative problem solving and persistence in their daughters, readers will find ideas to take action to help the girls in their lives break through the barriers and achieve success in STEM.

2017 NAGC Book of the Year Award Winner


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by Michele Wood
on 4/30/2016
Breaking Through! Helping Girls Succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Mosatche, Lawner and Matloff-Nieves have written an excellent book to open our eyes to the overt, and at times subtle, messages that girls receive about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This book provides parents and educators with research, suggestions, as well as personal stories from female STEM professionals. The authors provide activities, advice and even worksheets to guide you through fun ways for girls to experience and enjoy science, technology, engineering and math. As a female who has loved science throughout my life, majoring in biology and working in the field of information technology, I encourage you to read this well written and carefully researched book. Once you have read it, nurture a young girls interest in STEM.
by Barbara C. Sorkin
on 4/10/2016
from U.S.
Breaking Through: Helping Girls Succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Girls and especially women are underrepresented in some science, technology, engineering and math disciplines, depriving these fields of diversity that could increase rates of breakthrough discoveries and inventions. This book describes many activities and approaches that parents, teachers, other mentors, and children themselves could use immediately to counteract the bias (often implicit)that sometimes interferes with girls' learning and enjoyment of these disciplines.
by Janet Lombardi
on 3/30/2016
from New York
Breaking Through:Helping Girls Succeed in STEM
As an executive at a non-profit specializing in girl development,I thoroughly enjoyed Breaking Through!, a lively, engaging read for parents, educators, and others interested in bridging the stubborn gap between girls and technology. This book is much needed at time when women make up only 30% of the workforce in companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple – fact I learned in this research-based book. 

I loved the pithy quotes sprinkled throughout reminding us how important it is for girls to have the “right” role models, fun experiences, and accurate media portrayals to explore and enjoy STEM fields.  

Not only does this book describe the breadth of STEM as a discipline and excellent career path but focuses on obstacles girls face, actions to enable girls to get and stay connected to STEM, and suggestions for girls with differing needs.With STEM such an integrated part of our lives, it is essential that females add their points of views and experiences. This book tells us how. 
by Beth Zeidel
on 3/16/2016
from New York City
In Depth and Practical
As a community based social worker for over 30 years I found this book to be an exciting, in depth roadmap for 21st century family members, teachers and community organizations to inspire STEM success for girls from all backgrounds. Breaking Through" provides lots of concrete, creative exercises and ideas for girls of all ages to combat bias, develop risk tolerance, and overcome obstacles-crucial factors for success in STEM fields. I highly recommend this book for everyone who cares about girls and STEM.
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Review by: Tami Stewart, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School - March 1, 2017
This book is a must-read for parents, educators, school administrators, and policy makers who have a voice in changing the mechanistic lever to deeply embedded structures and educational practices that diversify and engage all learners.
Review by: Pallas McCorquodale, Foreword Reviews - May 27, 2016
Emphasizing the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging for girls and young women in previously male dominated fields, Breaking Through! encourages daughters everywhere to note the influence of media, grow toward positivity, and form lasting relationships with dynamic role models and mentors. It enables them to facilitate change in local and federal government spending and policies, and above all else, to experience joy, success, and satisfaction in the study, pursuit, and advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math.
Review by: Abby Bussen, School Library Journal - May 17, 2016
Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this title is the quick-start guide for incorporating STEM into everyday life. The suggested activities and recommended discussions of scientific method and creative problem-solving appropriately coach adults to feel comfortable talking with and advising girls to become involved in STEM paths for many years to come. Parents, educators, and librarians will all find ideas to implement in this thorough resource. A recommended purchase for most parenting, professional reading, or reference collections.

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