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5 Ways to Help Gifted Students Get Organized
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, January 09, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler
Many gifted students struggle with time management and organization skills due to the intense, quick-paced nature of their thoughts and ideas. Kids who work with advanced subject matter or less structured lesson plans may be more susceptible to chaotic disorganization that prevents them from achieving at their full potential. There are many ways parents and teachers can help their gifted students get organized and stay on track of assignments without constraining them. read more...
Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions With Kids
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, January 02, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler
With every new year, millions of people across the world make resolutions that they may—or may not—stick to. Whether the goal is to exercise more, read a book every week, or spend more time with family, the drive to attain this objective often fizzles out within a month or two. Kids sometimes want to create resolutions as well, but without the proper planning and resources, they may have a hard time completing them. Help your kids (and yourself) set realistic goals for improvement in 2019 with some of these helpful tips. read more...
8 Ways to Continue Learning Through the Holidays at Home
PUBLISHED: Monday, December 17, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
As winter break approaches, kids are getting antsy to take some time off of school and spend the holidays with family and friends, relaxing and playing. But just because school’s not in session doesn’t mean all learning has to stop! Parents, there are many fun activities kids can do throughout the break that engage their thinking skills without seeming like chores. These great ideas only scratch the surface of all of the possibilities for learning over the holidays. read more...
Upcoming Documentary Explores the Need for Change in Gifted Education
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
An insightful new documentary, The G Word, takes a look at our education system and how it is severely unequipped to support and challenge gifted learners, especially those with disabilities. The film is currently in production and will feature numerous interviews with gifted education experts, including many well-known authors. read more...
Quick Tips for Dealing With Stress
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
As end-of-semester projects, tests, and papers start cropping up, many students and teachers are facing larger amounts of stress and responsibility than usual. For younger students or new teachers who haven’t quite developed their individualized coping strategies, this can be a trying time. There are endless resources and strategies out there for dealing with stress and fostering resilience, but these are some of the easiest and most rewarding ways to calm down and get through it all. read more...
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