Author Discusses New Book on Suicide and Gifted Children
Author Discusses New Book on Suicide and Gifted Children
PUBLISHED: Monday, October 14, 2013 by Lacy Compton

I'm excited to share this video featuring Dr. Tracy L. Cross, one of Prufrock's longtime authors and friends, discussing his new book, Suicide Among Gifted Children and Adolescents, and explaining why this is such a vital and important topic for educators and parents to be aware of. One of the most interesting parts of Cross's research is the study of psychological autopsies of those who have completed suicide, a practice that looks deeper into the psychological and everyday lives of the victims.

You can see the video here, part of William and Mary's article about the book, which was featured as the college's Book of the Month for October.

About the Book

 Suicide Among Gifted Children and Adolescents explores the phenomenon of suicide among students with gifts and talents. It provides the reader with a coherent picture of what suicidal behavior is; clarifies what is known and what is unknown about it; shares two major theories of suicide with explanatory power; and offers an emerging model of the suicidal behavior of students with gifts and talents. In addition, the book includes chapters offering insight into the lived experience of students with gifts and talents, what we can do to prevent suicide among gifted students, and resources available to help.