At-Home Resources for Keeping Students’ Minds Active During Coronavirus
At-Home Resources for Keeping Students’ Minds Active During Coronavirus
PUBLISHED: Thursday, March 19, 2020 by Andilynn Feddeler

School may be out indefinitely, but learning does not have to stop. There are many books and resources to keep students’ minds active during this time of uncertainty, which can be a great help to parents trying to ensure that their kids continue learning and exercising their brains.

  • The Math Bafflers series allows students to use creativity, critical thinking, and logical reasoning to perform a variety of operations and practice skills that align with state and national math standards. Parents can feel confident that they are providing challenges and reinforcing important skills in a format that students enjoy!

  • The Logic Safari series will send students on an expedition that will result in hours of good thinking and unbridled enthusiasm. Each motivating puzzle includes an introduction with student-related topics, clues, a grid, and an illustration. Each book represents an ever-increasing challenge to students while scenarios remain fresh, evoking renewed eagerness. 

  • The Lollipop Logic series employs visual and pictorial clues to introduce and reinforce high-powered thinking. This unique series introduces complex thinking skills without the fetters of lexical meaning. It is simple to use and easy for youngsters to understand. 

  • The Math Mysteries series introduces students to math in the real world through a series of problems drawn from a vast array of community leaders, business professionals, and city officials. The problems are designed to stimulate students’ creative thinking and teach the value of math in a real-world setting.

There are many other free online resources for keeping students learning during this time: