Author: Joan L. Green
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Assistive Technology in Special Education presents a wealth of practical, well-organized information to help families, teachers, and therapists find effective solutions for students with learning, literacy, and cognitive challenges. This third edition features new affordable tools to improve and compensate for challenges related to speaking, understanding, reading, writing, and thinking and remembering, as well as strategies to help students become more organized and efficient. Also highlighted are iOS devices, G Suite (Google Apps and Extensions), online collaborative sites, and features built into the computers and mobile devices readers already use. As technology changes and new operating systems make older programs obsolete, this book will empower readers to explore the most current resources as they become available.


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by Jeanne Dwyer
on 8/7/2018
from Maryland
Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learni
Assistive Technology in Special Education is an excellent resource that supports the diverse learner.  From outlining the basics of assistive technology to practical tips that could be implemented by a multitude of people, this book is your everyday go to guide.  The content of this book is in a simple format that allows you to find information quickly and easily.  Joan Green has done extensive research on the tools and strategies that support our students with special needs.  Joan demystifies the barriers to learning experienced by our struggling students by providing cutting edge tools and apps that can maximize progress.   As the lead for a statewide assistive technology professional network and the mother of a son with Down syndrome, I would highly recommend this book to special and general educators, related service providers and parents.  
by Audrey Thurm
on 6/3/2018
from Maryland
Assistive Technology in Special Education, Third Edition
Such a useful book for recommending technology solutions for all! As a clinical psychologist working with children (and adults) with a variety of conditions that affect neurodevelopment, there is a great need to find very specific recommendations that parents and schools can immediately find and use to help students maximize their potential. In this amazingly helpful book, Joan Green does the work for us all, in providing very specific recommendations (and how to find them) for technology solutions to enhance learning or accommodate the needs of all kinds of students. The book nicely breaks up recommendations based on the type of learning or communication that needs to be enhanced. There are up-to-date recommendations provided for phones, tablets, computers, and other devices, that can easily be used to help students become successful as learners, communicators, writers, organizers and readers. Very excited to use the recommendations this book provides all the time!
by Jen Cort
on 5/20/2018
from Maryland
Assistive Technology in Special Education
Assistive Technology in Special Education is a necessary tool for any parent, especially those with children in special education.  The author offers innumerable and valuable suggestions and resources for all academic and organizational needs.  I have served as a counselor, principal, and director of student support (overseeing the nurses, learning specialists, and counselors) and recommend this book as an important part of any library for parents and the school professional.    
- Jen Cort, Educational Consultant
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Review by: Carol Willard, MiddleWeb - June 27, 2019
I highly recommend this comprehensive yet easy-to-read resource on AT. While technology tools can evolve at a rapid pace, having a core understanding of the potential benefits of digital tools, software, and apps is important for all professionals working to fully support students with learning challenges in communication and literacy.
Review by: James Cox, Midwest Book Review - June 5, 2018
As technology changes and new operating systems make older programs obsolete, Assistive Technology in Special Education will empower classroom teachers to explore the most current resources as they become available, and will prove to be a critically important addition to professional, school district, college, and university library Teacher Education collections and supplemental studies reading lists.

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